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Chihuahua Caring Tips - The Other Side of Dog Training

Posted by marco

Many people ask me about this world's smallest dog care. This is the chihuahua caring tips - the other side of dog training. Maybe they are very worried because this dog especially for puppies that are 2 months old very small size. Usually, in order to answer this question I just answered: â € œ What is important and should not be fed crushed â € œ. Maybe, people think if I answer this question or the answer offhand humor. Chihuahua puppies are usually run between our legs, sometimes, and often accidentally stepped on or kicked by us.

Chihuahua Caring Tips Dog TrainingDue to the very small size, many people think that dog race this one is very weak, vulnerable, or sensitive. Chihuahua, although the world's smallest size (according to the standardization of the FCI) has the strength, endurance higher than a Great Dane (dog world's largest). If you have a Chihuahua dog, treat him like you have a mutt! No special treatment for this dog.

The following are brief tips Chihuahua care.

Caring for the age 2 months to 1 year.

Feeding 4 times a day, because Chihuahuas have small digestive system should not be eating too much. For example eating 50 grams per day of dry dog ​​food, should not be given in two meals (25 grams) would be better if meals are provided in 4 times (12.5 grams). Dry dog ​​food should be tempered until the age of 3 months. Feeding 4 times per day until the age of 6 months after it is 2 times per day. Chihuahua under 1 year should not be too fat to keep the bone growth is not compromised.

Daily care.

It is better if a Chihuahua is not kept in cages. Simply provide a safe place for him to play.The room did not have air conditioning because these dogs are not strong with the cold weather. Better yet, if the room is maintained in the sun.
Chihuahua Caring Tips Dog Training
Absolute daily drying to do if a dog kept in cages or in indoor (indoor). Dogs are kept open yard would choose his own time for sunbathing, do not be surprised if they bask in the daytime but if the vet (mostly) a good time for drying is around 7 â € "8 am. Naturally, the dog fur in the sun to dry to avoid moisture. Dogs who like to sunbathe usually be stronger than the skin disease.

Chihuahua Caring Tips Dog TrainingChihuahua bathed as seldom as possible. To Chihuahua kept in the room can be bathed fastest 3 months. To the outside (outdoor) should be the fastest at 1 month. Indeed, you will be distracted by the smell if seldom washed, but their fur will be healthier because their skin is not dry because the oil produced by coating the skin to protect the fur is not removed by detergent. To cope with the smell you can wash dry by using a dry shampoo is sold in pet shops or can also use baby powder. Powder is sprinkled throughout the body by using a brush comb (you can use shoe polish brush) comb from the head toward the tail until the powder is falling along with the dead fur and other impurities.

Choose foods (dog food) are air-kible small to be easily chewed by a Chihuahua. Protein maximum for the Chihuahua is 28%. If you have been given a quality dog ​​food, the addition of vitamins or other supplements are not necessary.
Chihuahua Caring Tips Dog Training
Although it had been kept in a room that is large enough, Chihuahuas need to be given training (exercise) is quite outside the home. In addition to forming a good body, exercise outside the house (the road) can also form a character that does not shy Chihuahua.Exercise can be started at the age of 3 months or if the vaccination was done. For puppies, you should not be too hard just a walk about 200-300 meters. For adult dogs (1 years) can be given more training (1 to 5 KM). The addition of distance or time of exercise should be gradual. For example, for the first month of a 1 km course, every month added up to a maximum of 1 KM 5 KM. Give me a break about 5 minutes each kilometer.

So, you think you can try out this chihuahua caring tips? do you believed this is the other side of dog training?

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