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English Bulldog Puppy Training Basics

Posted by marco

If you really wanna learn english bulldog puppy training basics then keep these simple basic rules in mind when you choose to do some training. I hope the best for you & your bulldog puppy training.

As someone one time said, "mastering dog training is an art". & that someone is me. Understanding your dog's responses & taking the right approach isn't only knowledge but an art, every dog trainer will train their dog slightly differently. The techniques of dog training is like an artist's tools. 
English Bulldog Puppy Training Basics
They may be using the same tools but each artist will paint a different picture. 

Here are some simple yet effective guidelines you can follow when training your puppy.
English Bulldog Puppy Training Basics
1. Treats - Make positive your bulldog craves the treats. In the event that they don't get your bulldog excited, your bulldog may not need to go through the motion of listening to you. Yes, you need to buy your puppy's attention with treats - like you can make a kid do anything for a piece of sweet!
English Bulldog Puppy Training Basics2. Attention - Don't try to train your bulldog when he or he is not attentive. The most important aspect is to get your bulldog's attention so it's focusing on the command & what you're trying to make them do. This goes hand in hand with lovely, tasty treats. Use treats to get attention & if your bulldog is worn out (or hyper) to listen to you, come back later.

3. Breaks - Take constant breaks when you notice your bulldog's performance is getting worse. As soon as your bulldog stops being attentive cease the training system altogether & come back a bit later.

4. Consistency - In case you weren't successful at training a trick the first time you need to come back to it later! Don't rush your puppy as it can make him nervous. Take it simple on your tiny lad.
English Bulldog Puppy Training Basics
5. Puppy Age - If your puppy can't appear to grasp the tricks it may be because he's young. Normally, a puppy would must be at least 4-6 months elderly before learning the more difficult tricks, but puppy training ought to start as early as feasible.

If you can hold on to these steps above then you're good to go in mastering english bulldog puppy training basics.

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