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Basic Puppy Training, The Ultimate Dos And Donts Guide

Posted by marco

Begin puppy training as soon as you bring your new puppy home - don't wait for bad habits to set in!
Now lets start with the dos...:

Always put puppy in a crate or tiny confined area when you cannot be watching him/her.

Set up a tiny room to be his own special place for the next couple of months. Paper the whole floor & put his food/water bowls & bed in corner. Scatter his toys all over the place.

Keep in mind make the crate a "happy place" Toys, blankets & treats work wonders.

Take puppy out every hours for potty breaks - & ALWAYS after eating, sleeping & excited play.

Always give lots of praise for toileting on cue & in the right place.

Always correct bad behaviour at the moment it is happening.
Basic Puppy Training The Ultimate Dos And Donts Guide
Puppy proof your house - keep tempting & risky items out of reach & out of sight.

Use a guttural or growl tone & a loud clap of the hands to correct.

Always praise puppy as soon as he/she stops.

Puppies require lots of sleep. When puppy is sleeping leave him be.

Keep in mind to finish every training session on a positive note - make it lots of FUN!

When playing along with your puppy do so quietly & gently.

Basic Puppy Training The Ultimate Dos And Donts Guide
The things below is what you NEVER EVER DO !!!

Use hands for punishment - hitting, grabbing, dragging & forcing the puppy down creates fearful submission or aggressive retaliation. 
Never-  Assume that he'll "grow out" of bad behaviour - it is your job to teach him right from wrong.

Never-  Encourage behaviour in a puppy that you don't need to see in an adult dog - eg. biting hands, leaping up.

Never-  Use your dog's name in a hostile tone - his name ought to be a positive.

Never- Reprimand after the fact - in the event you see facts, but have missed the bad behaviour - it is late!
Basic Puppy Training The Ultimate Dos And Donts Guide
Never-  Give your puppy free run of the house - until he knows the rules he will do whatever suits him.

Never-  Leave children in charge of a puppy - adult supervision is imperative.

Never-  Let your puppy off leash unless the environment is entirely safe & secured.

Never-  Rub puppy's nose in his pee or poop - it is very traumatizing to the pup & makes NO sense at all.
Basic Puppy Training The Ultimate Dos And Donts Guide
Never-  Give in to your puppy's demands - if puppy wins, puppy rules!

Hope you enjoy this puppy training tips and hope it will be a help for any dog lovers out there.

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