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Tips And Benefits Of Dog Grooming

Posted by marco

This is where you'll get to know, i mean really know the tips and benefits of dog grooming.

Dog owners can help maintain a healthy coat for their dogs by carrying out regular grooming. The grooming removes dead hair, as well as any extra bits which the dog may be carrying about in its coat. Additionally, grooming a dog helps you to examine the coat more closely to check for any skin problems and helps you and your dog to bond more closely.

Benefits of Grooming a Dog
There are many benefits of grooming a dog, for example:
1. Helping you and your pet to bond more closely
2. Stimulating blood flow to the skin thus promoting skin and hair growth
Tips And Benefits Of Dog Grooming 
3. Making your dog’s coat more shiny and healthy as natural oils circulate to the coat
4. Helping you to identify signs of fleas, ticks, mites or other skin irritations

Tips And Benefits Of Dog GroomingBasic dog grooming is quite straightforward and also essentiaL, so owners do not need to be afraid of getting into this routine with their dog. Regular grooming is essential to your dog’s health and wellbeing. Also there are medical reasons why grooming should be a part of your dog’s health program. Grooming covers the following set of functions:

1. Brush and comb the coat
2. Bath and dry
3. Trim coat hair
4. Care of the paws and nails
5. Ear cleaning
6. Anal gland expression.
You can carry out some of these things yourself if you are able to, especially the brushing and combing. By doing this, you will be able to check your dog closely for any problems that may be developing. Some of the other aspects should be done by professional dog groomers.
 Tips And Benefits Of Dog Grooming
Brushing helps to prevent hair from accumulating and ending up on clothes and furniture. It also stimulates the blood to the dog’s skin. Brushing should be done regularly for short periods of about 5-10 minutes each day. New hair can grow once the old hair has been removed. Brushing in a grooming spray such as Perfect coat will help keep fleas, mites and ticks under control and help to prevent skin infection and other skin problems occurring.
 Tips And Benefits Of Dog Grooming 
Bathing the dog using suitable dog shampoo such as Cloud Star Buddy Wash will help to get rid of loose dead hair and stimulate circulation to the dog skin. Cloud Star Buddy Wash will also reduce the growth of bacteria and yeast which cause those doggy odours and will make your dog smell much better.
You can also use Perfect coat grooming spray as often as you like without having to give the dog a bath. This will help to keep the coat clean, without the inconvenience of bath time and without affecting the essential oils that should remain in the coat.

After reading this tips and benefits of dog grooming you should remember to do it for your dog's health and cleanliness.

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