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How to Stop Dog Food Aggression

Posted by marco

This time around we will learn How to Stop Dog Food Aggression as what Cesar Millan would do.

Dog Food Aggression is one type of dog dominance behavior where your dog wants to protect his food from any body else, in this case people or other animals.

This behavior is completely normal in wild life because the canines do not know when will be their next meal. The food is the main source of they survival, so, protecting the food is indirectly meant to protect their life.

How to Stop Dog Food AggressionWhen dogs have slowly stepped into human's environment, they are still carried that basic survival instinct in their brain. So, it is undoubted that this is one of the most common dog behavior problems around. It is the human's responsibility to teach the dog to behave properly in human environment. We should teach our dogs that there is plenty of food in human environment and they should not fight for food or too possessive of their food.

Dogs will only listen to pack leader and that is the reason human should take the pack leader role. Your dog should do everything you ask for, including giving back the food that you have just given to him and never fight for food with other dogs.

How to Stop Dog Food AggressionNormally, you can recognize the sign of food guarding when your dog is still a puppy. If you do not fix that behavior, the issue will become more serious when he grows up. The issue can be worsen from just pushing your hands away to growling you when you near the food until bite you at the end. So, this food possessive behavior should be stopped as early as possible!

"A Few Tips on How to Fix Dog Food Aggression Problem"
How to Stop Dog Food Aggression
First of all, your dog should not have free access to food at all time. You should ONLY give him the food and water according to schedule, and take away the food and water within 20 minutes, no matter if he has finished or not. This will teach him to be disciplined and finish the food within the certain period.
How to Stop Dog Food Aggression
If your dog has serious food aggression problem, most likely, you are unable to take the food away from him. Here is what you can do:-

How to Stop Dog Food AggressionWear your shoes and jean. Then, stand above his food bowl, I believe you will hear him growl at you and may be try to bite your feet.

Slowly take away the food bowl with your feet, while making him unable to reach the food bowl.

Slowly turn your body with your dog face your back. You are in between him and the food bowl.

Lastly, make the food bowl a bit further and you can take the food bowl.
How to Stop Dog Food Aggression

Repeat the steps until he gives up the food totally when you put in front of him. He will not even try to eat the food because he knows that the food is not possessive by him.

The above techniques were demonstrated by Cesar Millan - The Dog Whisperer during one of the episodes.

These steps will teach him that you are the pack leader and he should not act possessive towards the food that you are giving him. If you do the above step by step of fixing Dog Food Aggression with consistent, hopefully you will own a well-balanced dog again.

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