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Dog Vaccination Information

Posted by marco

Here we wanted to share some information regarding dog Vaccination, hopefully it could help all dog lovers out there to understand more about caring their pets especially dogs.

DOGGY PLAGUE. Historically this is the first viral disease of dogs, against that a vaccine was worked out. The virus of plague strikes polecat, foxes, raccoon and wolves also. Once mortal illness, a plague almost disappeared in many countries, that it is related to the of long duration programs of vaccination. Firstly plague young animals were usually ill, however in our days an adult dog can become ill by her. Usually such takes place then, when the term of action of vaccine made off. Among the first symptoms is a loss of appetite. 

Dog Vaccination InformationThe respiratory infection develops for the staggered dog, attended with inflammation of throat, cough, fever and thick yellow excretions from a nose and eyes. The enteritis accompanied by a diarrhea can develop.
Dog Vaccination Information

Dog Vaccination InformationIllness makes progress for dogs during next two-three weeks, when a virus strikes the nervous system and causes the convulsive twitches of muscles, attacks and even paralysis. For survivor dogs there can for life be a defeat of the nervous system. For dogs, which had a plague in childhood, often there are defects of dental enamel. Now and then there is consolidation of pillows on paws, from where other name of plague is "illness of hard leg".

Dog Vaccination InformationDOGGY COUGH. This easy disease strikes the dogs of any age and caused by combination of different contagious microorganisms among that – bacterium Bordatella bronchiseptica and virus of doggy Para influenza. Inflammation of bronchial tubes and trachea causes the dry cough of one or intensity, sometimes accompanied by urges to vomiting or vomiting. 

Dog Vaccination InformationA doggy cough is very contagious and passed through drops moistures getting in air, when a sick dog coughs. For this reason quickly spread disease among dogs being in the reserved apartments, for example in doggy nurseries, hospitals and pet-shops. A peak of morbidity is on summer months, when boarding-schools are filled for dogs the Doggy cough rather trouble, what threat for life, however a dry cough can proceed to three weeks, causing to the dog, equal as and to it owner, strong suffering. A doggy cough increases often, when a dog is excited.

Dog Vaccination InformationThere are vaccines that inject to the dogs under a skin three each month or bury directly in a nose.  As a rule, animals are not accepted on doggy exhibitions, if they were not recently instilled.

We hope this post of dog vaccination information could help any readers who stumbled upon our blog.

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