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How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or Anything

Posted by marco

Not that we don't believe on our dogs but sometimes they need to be taught a lesson or two, this is How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or anything

You should apply different techniques to stop dog from jumping based on different situations.

Some people think that it is normal for dog to jump, but, they are getting annoyed after the dog has jumped too much. So, if you are seeking help to stop the excessive jumping behavior of your dogs or puppies, I will recommend you to understand the physical build of a dog first and also the role of jumping plays as part of their nature life.

If you look at the physical structure of a dog, you should understand that dog's body is primarily designed to run and not to jump. Dogs are not kangaroos, they only jump in some special situations. They will jump on other dogs to show that he is the dominance one and take the role of the pack leader. When they are facing dangerous situations, they will sprint and jump to a safer place. Or, they will jump to get food above their body level or use the jump ability during hunting. Other than these few situation, you will rarely see them jumping.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or Anything
But nowadays, most of the dogs are kept as family pets. So, their ability of jumping should be greatly reduced. But, some dog owners unintentionally encourage the jumping behavior of their dogs. This has created some inconveniences to the family members. Please see below for more information on situations and reasons for the dog to jump.

The possible situations are:

  • Jumping on People or other animals
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Jumping over Fence

A few possible reasons that make a dog to jump are:

  • To show dominance over people
  • To seek attention from people
  • To show excitement
  • To show possessive of certain areas

Below are some suggested tips and techniques to stop dog from jumping excessively in each of the 3 situations.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or Anything
Photo shows a dog is jumping on a child. The action has the potential to hurt the child.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on People
When a dog is jumping over people, it could due to excitement, seeking attention or showing dominance. Neither of these 3 reasons is healthy. Like the photo above, the dog is jumping on a child could mean "showing excitement plus with dominance".

How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or AnythingHere is how you can stop your dog from jumping on people:

  • Recognize the pattern of his jumping. Is he jumping to show excitement? Seeking for Attention? or Showing Dominance?
  • If he is jumping because of showing excitement or seeking for attention, you MUST completely ignore him and turn your body away. Never give him any eye contact.
  • If he is sitting calmly for about 30 seconds, then you may give him treats and praise him for being a good boy.
  • This action will trigger a positive reinforcement in his mind: "If I am sitting quietly, I will be given treats and praises; if I jump then I will be ignored. So, I better sit quietly next time to get attention and treat."
  • If your dog is jumping because want to show dominance, you should give him a stern warning and serious facial expression once he tried to jump on you.
  • If your dominant dog continues to jump on you, you should put him on leash with choke collar. And snap the collar every time he tries to dominating over you.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping on Furniture
How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or AnythingMany dog owners allow their dogs to be up on furniture. This happens because the dog owners give the dogs too much freedom and affection. Affection and freedom is good, but too much of them can be bad for your dogs. This has encouraged the dog to develop dominance behavior and also possessive over the furniture. So, some dogs think that they own the furniture and will not allow anyone to come near to the furniture. They also jump on the furniture whenever they want to.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or AnythingYou need to be careful in deciding whether you allow your dog to climb/sleep on furniture or otherwise. If you allow him to be on furniture, please be prepared to train him so he will not develop dog behavior problems. The house and the furniture is owned by you, not your dog. You should take the role of the pack leader and invite him on the furniture ONLY WHEN he is a good boy. Your dog should also get down from the furniture whenever you ask him to.

If you dog has developed the jumping on furniture issue, you can do the following to fix the behavior:

  • Use Bitter Apple Spray on the furniture legs; this will create a smell that your dog will avoid.
  • If you do not want to make your furniture smells bad, you must OWN the furniture. You should learn to invite your dog to come on the furniture rather then give him freedom to access as he wishes.
  • First of all, clean up the furniture to eliminate your dog's smell. So, that your dog will think that it is new furniture. Whenever he shows the sign of jump/ climb on the furniture, give him a stern warning with serious facial expression. If he ignores you and continues the action, you should put him on leash and choke collar. You may snap the leash whenever he tries to climb without your permission.
  • Try to make him in the sitting position before you allows him to climb on furniture, this will train his patience. Train him with a command like "allow" to allow him on the furniture.
How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or Anything
Picture shows a puppy which is jumping with excitement. The action is not healthy which might trigger other dog behavior problems in future.

How to Stop Dog from Jumping over Fence
If you are living in a landed house and if you do not train your dog well enough, the chances are your dog would jump over the garden fence. This action is totally not allowed as your dog might hurt himself one day.
How to Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or Anything

Here are a few suggestions that you can do to help your dog:
Build a higher fence that your dog will not reach

DO NOT give him the freedom to run around your garden, put him on leash and collar every time when you are busy. Release him ONLY when you have time to watch him.

During the time he is free to run around your garden, whenever he shows initial sign of jumping over the fence, give him a warning right away. If he calm down and submit to you, give him praise and food treat.

I believe some professional dog trainers might recommend you to use electric collar. Personally, I think it isn't necessary. electric collar is not easy to be use and if you do it wrongly, it might have adverse effect on your dog.

So that's How you Stop Dog from Jumping Up on People, Furnitures or anything, hopefully that could help any dog lover on solving their dog jumping issues ^_^

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