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Dog Separation Anxiety Treaments Ala Cesar Millan

Posted by marco

So you were wondering how can he be still on The National Geographic channel, it's been so many years, well, because he deserved it, so now let's check out Dog Separation Anxiety Treaments Ala Cesar Millan.

Separation anxiety in dogs happens because they do not like the feeling to be left alone in the house.

Dog separation anxiety is actually the main contribution to other dog behavior problems like biting, chewing, digging, barking and etc.

If you are giving a lot of affection to your dog day in and day out, the chance is that your dog will experience separation anxiety when you are not arround. It is because he is very attached to you and no body else in the house can replace you.
Dog Separation Anxiety Treatment ala Cesar Millan
Dogs are social animals, they always need accompaniment. They also develop the preference of like and dislike certain people. Dogs are really fond of people who give them a lot of attentions and affections. Some dog breeds, such as Cocker Spaniels and Weimaraners, can develop seperation anxiety easier compare with other big dog breeds because they need constant companionship.

How Separation Anxiety in Dogs happens?
As mentioned earlier, the main contributed cause is when the dog is separated from the person he is closely attached. Some other factors can be as below:
Dog Separation Anxiety Treatment ala Cesar Millan
  • Sudden change of your house environment. (eg: move to a new house)
  • You just bought or adopted the dog from pet store or shelter.
  • Separation from his mother or littermates.

How to Apply Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions?
Dog Separation Anxiety Treatment ala Cesar MillanTo solve the dog separation anxiety problem, you need to teach your dog to be independent no matter if you are in the house or you are away. So, sometimes you are in the house, restrict yourself from giving him too much affections. This is expecially true if he is begging for your affection which you SHOULD ignore him. If you are living with family members, some of the family members should give almost the same amount of affection like you do. This is to prevent your dog from being too attached to you only.

If your dog has developed Separation Anxiety, you can try the step-by-step techniques below:

  • Every time before you are out, command your dog in the sitting position near the door.
    Dog Separation Anxiety Treatment ala Cesar Millan
  • Pretend that you are going away by closing the door and you should hear his whining (if he has developed separation anxiety).
  • Then, you open the door and ask him to quiet; this will reduce his anxiety for seeing you away.
  • You may continue the step 2 but this time, you increase the duration before opening the door again. This should help to increase the time before your dog becomes worry of your absence.
  • Each time, you repeat the closing, hear his whine and open the door to ask him to quiet him up steps for a longer duration of time until you do not hear his whine.

Dog Separation Anxiety Treatment ala Cesar MillanIf you do it right from the above steps, separation anxiety issue in your dogs should be fixed. Please not that you SHOULD NOT give him a kiss or saying good bye everytime you leave the house, because this will intensify him to miss you more - separation anxiety.

Some other techniques that you may apply to fix the Dog Separation Anxiety:

  • Tire your dog out before you leave your house by giving him a lot of exercise.
  • Give him his favorite toys that he will play with it for hours.
  • Ask your family members/neighbors to play with him when you are not at home
  • Give him something that has your smell on it.

So that's it for the tips on Dog Separation Anxiety Treaments Ala Cesar Millan, if you're a real Cesar fan, make sure to give it a try if you ever be in this situation. ^_^

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