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How To Teach Your Dog To Recognize Their Name

Posted by marco

This is exactly how to teach your dog to recognize their name.

It is actually very simple if you know it, you just need to use these same principals!! They are indeed simple!

When you say his name pair it with a treat! Vary the degree of greatness of the treat, one time it might be a biscuit and sometimes it might be chicken breast or liver!!! Not knowing how fantastic the treat may be helps give your dog the motivation to pay attention or com jogging! 

How To Teach Your Dog To Recognize Their Name
ALWAYS make it a huge deal as well as a wonderful affair when your dog comes to you or to his name! This is a time for celebration and fun! His name and coming when called can save his life someday so you need him as reliable as feasible!!

How To Teach Your Dog To Recognize Their NameNEVER, EVER, NEVER do evil things or things your dog may deem evil to your dog when you call him; if he hates his crate don't crate him, don't trim his nails, don't give him a bath, don't reprimand him! Bad things make your dog need to keep away from you. In the event you need to do these things go to your dog or teach him that doing them means the rewards will be phenomenal but don't use his name, you don't need it!

How To Teach Your Dog To Recognize Their NameNEVER (am I able to say that again?), NEVER, EVER, NEVER use your dog's name as some kind of verbal correction!!! I do know it's tempting. "BUUUSTER recover from here NOW!" is not something that makes your dog need to come to you. This negativity teaches your dog that his name is actually a bad thing!!! You NEVER need your dog to associate his name with bad or negative things; this will teach him to keep away from you when you say his name, which is the opposite of what you need!

How To Teach Your Dog To Recognize Their NameAfter your puppy has learned his name you can start to fade this training but you have built the foundation that his name equals something wonderful. Not everyone wishes their dog to drop everything when they listen to their name; they prefer the name as an attention getting mechanism so that more information can be imparted. If this is the path you pick you can fade his jogging to you and reward him taking a look at you and waiting for more information. Or you can continue this training and your dog will likely run to you everytime you use his name!
How To Teach Your Dog To Recognize Their Name
In the beginning use his name and pair it with a treat, Buster=treat, Buster=treat. You get the idea right? In the event you adhere to this plan or put it in to action beginning today you will notice a HUGE improvement in your dog's responsiveness! It's simple and it is common sense. 

You will later use the same ideals to teach your dog to recognize their name and COME when called.

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