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Dog Training - How To Train A Rottweiler

Posted by marco

Dog Training - How to Train a Rottweiler, this is when tips become more useful than you thought it could be, read on and hopefully you'll get what i meant.

Rottweilers are giant, strong; very strong canines that are great relatives pets. Because of their strength and size it is vital to start training early and to socialize early. Improperly trained or handled and a Rotti can become a threat to you and your relatives. The same can happen with any dog that is treated poorly. A Rotti has the size and strength to do much more destroy than a Chihuahua.

Dog Training - How To Train A Rottweiler

Dog Training - How To Train A RottweilerIn case you get your Rotti as a puppy (dog usually under one year elderly) start socialization immediately. Bring your puppy (dog usually under one year elderly) around plenty of different people, friendly puppies and places as feasible. The socialization period is short and crucial. Not properly socialized canines become fearful which can lead to aggressive behavior, not a nice behavior for a Rottweiler. I cannot stress this point - socialize your Rottweiler puppy.

Next to socialization start training early. Start teaching your pup to sit, down, stand, stay, heel and come. All very important commands for your Rotti to learn.

Dog Training - How To Train A RottweilerConditioning exercises are also important. You do not require your Rotti guard his toys or food bowl. As a puppy (dog usually under one year elderly) get your Rotti to accept you around the food bowl and toys. Do object exchanges along with your pup. When your pup has a toy, teach "Drop it." Say "Drop it" and take the toy away from your pup and then give your pup a treat for dropping it.

Become the leader. This is done by controlling the activities that are important to yourdog. The most important activities are playing, eating, sleeping and social contact between you and your dog. Control the games, take charge of the sleeping areas, put your Rotti on a feeding schedule and don't let your dog demand your attention.
Dog Training - How To Train A Rottweiler
All canines require exercise. Rottweiler's are very clever canines and also require a mental workout. After you have given your dog some physical exercise also spend some time letting your Rotti use his brain. Obedience, tricks and toys like a Buster Cube and Kong toy are all great things you can do to keep your dog's brain active.

Dog Training - How To Train A RottweilerManagement of behavior is important. A fenced in yard if feasible is a nice suggestion. Crate training may even be very helpful; in my experience plenty of people are nervous around Rottweilers. By teaching your Rottweiler to go to her crate on command can be very helpful.

That is a wrap on this dog training section of how to train a rottweiler, hope it gets use to you in your everyday with your dog ^_^

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