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Dog Obedience Training The Key to Raising a Well Behaved Dog

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Let's just cut to the case here:

Pre-Training Stage Tips for Your Dog Obedience Training Program:

  1. Get to know your dog. Dog obedience training can only start if you know your dogs well enough which you can do by spending time with them. You don’t have to be teaching them obedience training for dogs formally just yet. Just play with them, pat them on the head, and even talk to them once in a while. They are bound to pick up a few things especially puppies. They will be learning even if you haven’t started their dog obedience training formally. As their owner, make careful observations when you do all these things. Learn about what your dogs like and doesn’t like in food, people, and in all other things.
  2. Love your dog. It’s difficult to explain but dogs know if you genuinely love them. To show them how much you love them, make sure to meet their daily needs. Feed them properly, clean after them, take them with you for a walk, bathe them, and bring them to the veterinarian whenever necessary. Make sure you show them how much you care for them and they are sure to return the gesture in ways they can. This is a vital element that must be met before starting your dog obedience training.
  3. Be firm with your dog whenever giving them a command. Once you know your dogs well enough and you are sure to have established a strong loving bond with them, then it’s time to start your dog obedience training. When doing your training, make sure to be firm with your dogs. The tone of your voice should be serious, consistent and authoritative. Your actions should be precise as the commands you are to deliver. By being firm, you are showing to your dogs that you mean business and that they are expected to follow your commands. By being firm, you are making your authority known as their master which is a good way to start your obedience training for dogs.
Dog Obedience Training The Key to Raising a Well Behaved DogNow that you know a few important tips to help you get started with your dogs, the next step is to help them learn a few basic lessons. These may be basic lessons but they are essential to train dogs.

Training Stage Lessons for Your Dog Obedience Training Program:

    Dog Obedience Training The Key to Raising a Well Behaved Dog
  1. Teach your dogs to “stay”. Teaching your dog to stay is vital. To do this, simply say the word together with a hand signal. This will prompt your dog on what to follow and when to follow a command. Once you get your dogs to stay where they are, you will know that they are listening to you and they want to learn more and that they are ready to do more dog training.
  2. Potty train your dogs. Potty training is one of the most important part of training a dog as every dog needs to do its business from time to time. To make sure your dog doesn’t make a mess inside the house, train it to do its business outside of your house. To do this, you can put your dog at a particular place outside your house every after mealtime. It may be at the backyard or at the front yard next to a tree. Do this frequently and soon, your dog will learn to go to that place by itself and do its business there. Once your dog learns this, then it is ready to learn more lessons on obedience training.
  3. Play fetch with your dogs. Playing fetch with your dog teaches them to retrieve something for you while both of you are having fun. You can use a frisbee, a ball, or a stick which you can throw as far away as you wish. Then, let your dog retrieve it for you. Not only does this teach your dog obedience training but it is also a useful whenever you want your dog to fetch you things like the newspaper. Plus, your dog gets to stretch its legs outdoors which is always good as exercise help keep your dog physically fit and ready to do more obedience training for dogs.
  4. Teach them to walk with a leash. Teaching your dogs to walk with a leash helps your dogs become great companions whenever you decide to go for a walk. It’s also good for your dogs since it will enable them to exercise their muscles and help for a better digestion. Just remember not to pull too hard and stop walking until your dog stops pulling on the leash. Make sure your dog knows that it has to follow you and not the other way around as this is the true essence of dog obedience training.
Dog Obedience Training The Key to Raising a Well Behaved Dog
You can add more to the list if you want your dog to learn more skills and tricks. You can teach them to lie down, roll over, beg, play dead, or even do really unique difficult tricks such as use the toilet bowl and learn to flush afterwards. However, these four lessons are as basic and as vital as you can get for obedience training for dogs.

Training Stage Tips Training Dogs:

Dog Obedience Training The Key to Raising a Well Behaved DogTraining your dogs means that both you and your dog can live happier lives. This is primarily because it is easier to love and care for trained dogs. As the owner, you won’t be in a lot of fuss every time your dog is around because it knows how to behave. Below are some helpful training tips that you can use.
    Dog Obedience Training The Key to Raising a Well Behaved Dog
  1. Learn to read your dog’s body language. Just like humans, dogs have their own body language which they use to communicate. This falls under the category of non-verbal communication which is very essential for your obedience training for dogs. In fact, they communicate with their whole body from their heads to up to their tails.For instance, dogs’ ears can suggest alertness when both go up or forward. It means they heard something and that they are listening. Their sharp sense of hearing makes them a great alternative for security alarms.Their head may also imply if they are either scared or submissive. Be very careful though. A dog may bow its head ready to pounce if it thinks it’s being cornered.They may also use their entire body to tell you how they feel. For example, they may roll on the floor with their belly up and facing you letting you know that you are their boss.These are just a few examples for dogs’ body language you should watch out for when teaching training your dog.
  2. Learn to understand your dog’s barks and noises. A dog’s bark may mean several different things depending on the situation. It may be their way of greeting you when you arrive home from work or school. It can also mean that they are excited to see something that has captured their interest or it may even serve as a warning that there are strangers near the house. Whichever it is, it is your responsibility as the owner to look into the situation.Other noises that dogs make include whining and growling. Whining is cute but annoying if it gets to be frequent. Puppies usually are the ones that whine a lot which isn’t a very good sign for big dogs when especially when in dog obedience training. Dogs usually whine only when they can’t get something they want. For instance, dogs that can’t reach their food and are starving usually whine. Growling on the other hand is never adorable. It usually means that something is seriously wrong with your dog as this is a sure sign of aggression. A dog growling can mean that it is in a lot of stress or pain. In times like this, be sure to call a professional dog trainer to help you understand and deal with the situation. Growling is clearly not one of the things your dog will learn in its obedience training for dogs.
  3. Never hit your dog. Never hit them. Hitting dogs can only backfire and you might get bit by them in the process so it is best to avoid it. It is also inhumane and plainly cruel to hit your pet. If you really want them to learn, use positive reinforcement techniques like give them due praise for doing a good job. You may also give them rewards or gifts for doing good. This will help make easier for them to understand what you want them to do and what you do not want them to do. Also, be more patient and consistent with your dog obedience training.

Post Training Stage Tips in Your Dog Obedience Training Program:

Dog Obedience Training The Key to Raising a Well Behaved Dog
and then you actually can tell you dog to
check your emails for you  
  1. Reward your dog. Finally, never forget to reward your dogs with food or doggie treats for every job well done. This will condition your dogs into thinking that if they do what you ask, they will get something in return. It may also be a way of encouraging your dog to do a better job if you increase the amount of food you will give them. The reward should be food as this seems to be the best motivation for them to follow dog obedience training.
  2. Repeat the lessons. Always remember that lessons taught will soon be forgotten if it is not repeated several times. This is especially true for dogs. They can easily forget what you have taught them if you do not frequently have them do it over and over again. Repeating the lessons is one great way of ensuring them that your lessons stick to their minds when doing dog obedience training.
Hopefully, these tips and lessons can help you get started with disciplining your dogs. Keep in mind that there are 3 stages to go thru to achieve the best results. These are the pre-training, training and post-training tips, lessons and reminders which will help get you that dog obedience training you are looking for. As a result, it aims to help turn dogs into model dog citizens possessing good manners and proper behavior wherever you take them. With dog obedience training, you are sure to have dogs that are in their best behavior. That's a wrap on dog obedience training tip to raising a well behaved dogs

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