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Labrador Puppy Dog Training Tips

Posted by marco

Labrador Puppy Dog Training
You are now the proud owner of a Labrador puppy, and likely have plenty of questions about what to do next. Training Labrador puppies is best started around two months of age; the same time as they has been weaned from his father. This life-long dedication is the beginning of a amazing relationship between owner and dog. Our objective here is to make sure you have adequate and correct information for you to make use of in the work of your Lab puppy training. 

1st Steps When Training Labrador Puppies
Labradors love to play and can be energetic, both as puppies and adult canines. They objective to commercial their owner and surrounding relatives members. They require plenty of exercise to continue to be happy and healthy animals. 
labrador puppy training tips
Being smart beyond that of most canines, they are of the best breeds to have with kids in the house. To keep having an obedient Labrador, it's time to start puppy training. 

The preliminary part of Lab puppy training involves getting in to the every day swing of things. Knowing where his food and water dishes are is a great place to start.

Following that will be learning when they eats, when and where they sleeps, puppy potty training and what toys belong to him, and not you. Also needed is clarity in what is expected of your Labrador, and what is not acceptable. It is important to make use of clear and concise commands. 
labrador puppy training tips
It's more consistent than a word or phrase from the owner and faster which means it's simpler for your dog to understand when they've performed the correct behaviour. Follow the click with a reward, like a tasty treat, and you're off to a great start.

labrador puppy training tipsBefore dog training starts, you require to think about the training technique you intend to make use of. This technique needs to be consistent, so making the decision is that requires some research. Plenty of professional animal trainers use what's called positive reinforcement. 

This philosophy believes that animals are much better behaved and simpler to train when they're earning rewards and praise than if they're being punished. 
Punishment and negative reinforcement training has actually been proven to cause aggression and undesirable behaviors. 

Common device used in positive reinforcement training is the clicker. It's a little hand held tool which makes a clicking sound when pressed. It can be found at most pet supply stores for a couple bucks. The purpose of the clicker is to mark the correct behaviour with a sound.

Labrador Training Tips
labrador puppy training tips
Now that you have a plan for positive reinforcement it's time for housebreaking or potty training. When it comes to potty training there's some specific Labrador training tips. Labradors are larger canines and that means they'll be able to start holding their bladder earlier than lots of smaller canines. This is lovely news because it means you can start potty training  from the day you bring your Labrador puppy home. 

labrador puppy training tipsThe size of the crate need only be giant for him to turn around and lie down. In lieu of having to make multiple crate purchases as your Lab grows, you could buy a immense or additional giant crate now, and basically block off the space they doesn't need with the use of sturdy cardboard or a well-sanded piece of plywood. 

When it comes to Labrador training tips, of the quickest ways to potty train your Labrador puppy is to make use of a crate. Crate training not only makes housetraining simpler, it provides your Labrador puppy with a structure as well as a safe place to go in the work of the day. 

labrador puppy training tips
Canines have a natural instinct not to mess where they sleep, therefore in case you leave much free space, they will be able to do his business in the cage but still sleep far away from it. As your Labrador grows, keep moving the barrier until it is no longer needed.

Never use the crate as a technique of punishment for your dog. Your aim is to provide a safe and secure area that your Lab can turn to for rest and reprieve when needed. Using it as a punishment will basically defeat its purpose. You need to introduce the crate from day as being related to safety. 

Labrador training tips for the use of a crate in a positive nature are simple to follow. It is a gradual training that ought to only be used for short periods of time at first. However, one time your pup becomes accustomed to this you will find him going to his crate on his own for a nap or a time-out in the work of situations they finds uncomfortable.

When you being to make use of the crate for longer periods of time such as while you are at work or out for any length of time, you need to teach him when you open the door to his crate it's time to go outside. 

labrador puppy training tipsIt's best to already have leash in hand before you open the door because it won't take your Lab long to discover a different place for elimination. You are still trying to reinforce the lovely behaviour of him doing his duties outside, so make positive you have your clicker as well as a treat on hand to praise him again for a job well completed.

Training Labrador Puppies begins with the right training technique as well as a plan. Know the rules and what you expect from your puppy before you start training so you can be consistent. Lab pups are smart and keen to , a small love and patience, as well as a few Labrador training tips, will go a long way with this breed and he'll grow in to the wonderful dog you know they can be. This should be not a very hard thing to do eh? just follow this simple labrador puppy dog training tips and you and your dog will be okay for sure ^_^

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Kimberly Gauthier said...

We have littermate puppies and learned that siblings can have different fathers. Our girl is lab mix and we've found that she's very food motivated and have had to work to NOT ruin her dinner with treats when training. But the treats have been really helpful when we started clicker training.

Thanks for this thorough post!

lab said...

OMG Pics are so cute, no wonder why labradors are so favorite of everyone
Diabetic Alert dog

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