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Dog Training To Stop That Excessive Barking

Posted by marco

Does your dog love to bark? Does he bark while you are home and even more when you are away, or may be even when you are doing dog training? Are your neighbors complaining? This excessive barking can be over annoying. So, you need to cease it but perhaps you have no idea how to. Your dog is probably barking like this because he is bored but more importantly, how are you reacting to his barking? If your dog is in the yard and he is barking incessantly he is seeking attention and while he prefers positive attention, he will take negative if that is all that is handy. Even in case you are yelling at your dog, he still wins because he got your attention.
dog training
Now, in case you are home and your dog start barking for no reason then you can walk up to him and spray or splash water in his face. Turn and walk away, do not say a word. When he stops barking immediately reward him and praise him. Anytime that your dog does not bark be sure to praise him so he can see the association.
dog training
It is a bigger issue if your dog insists on barking when you are not home. As a matter of fact you may not even know about it until a neighbor informs you. First, make sure that your dog has everything he needs while you are away. Keep the drapes closed so he cannot see other animals or people walking past. Do not leave him outside if he is a barker, bring him in.

dog trainingIn case you make a giant deal about departing and coming back your dog is going to see that when you leave it is a serious issue. Try to divert your dog's attention when you are gone by ensuring he's something to occupy his time. In case you don't he will likely bark to keep busy. Leave him some chew toys, but make sure that he likes them first. If he doesn't go near them when you are home he likely won't when you are gone. It may help to keep a radio or the TV on.

As difficult as it might be, you need to cease saying anything to your dog before you leave. Be calm, don't speak and do not pet your dog, leave. Do the same when you get home. Walk in, check your mail, alter clothes, whatever it is that you do and then after some time you can start speaking to your dog. You are trying to establish that your being away was not a giant deal, which leaves no reason for your dog to bark. Keep in mind, that consistency is the key factor to successful dog training.

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