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Best Puppy Training Tips

Posted by marco

So you went out and got a cute lovely must have puppy. Now you are wondering how do I train this thing. Puppy training is simple but you must wait and see and persistent.
Buy a puppy training book, do a search on the net for training puppies, or ask your local veterinarian where to find the best puppy training classes in the area. However, you select to train your puppy here are five tips to help you train your puppy.

Tip # 1 - Be consistent and patient. I cannot stress when training a new puppy about consistentcy and patience. Keep in mind this is a small thing who wishes nothing over to its master but does not have the mental capacity at such a young age to "get it". You need to wait and see and repeat yourself over and over again. He'll get it but it will take a small time and he will make mistakes. Also recognize some breeds will learn faster than other breeds so stick with it.

best puppy training tips
Tip # 2 - Generate some type of reward method for your puppy that he or he only gets in the work of the puppy training system. For example: In the event you are using dog treats to reward your puppy only provide those treats in the work of puppy training and only when the puppy has done the command. In the event you give the puppy his treats throughout the day because this will confuse the puppy. You can use the puppy's favourite toy or training aid as a positive reward and to reinforce the command. Some trainers use a puppy's play toy and only play with the puppy using the toy in the work of the training system.

best puppy training tips
Tip # 3 - Purchase a puppy crate as a training aid for the puppy. Dog crates can be used to housebreak new puppies, train puppies to stay on command, relieve anxiety in puppies, and also train puppies that a crate is their refuge. Plenty of people think that using crates, cages, or kennels is cruel. This is farthest from the truth. The truth is training a puppy using a crate can improve puppies behavior and mannerisms.

Tip # 4 - Do not punish your puppy in the work of puppy training. Plenty of people think that in the event you punish the puppy while training this will correct the bad behavior and speed up the learning system. This is not true. Positive reinforcement and praise is the best way to train your new puppy. Punishing your dog could generate a very agressive dog and dangerous dog. Stick with the positive rewards and watch your puppy prosper to you and your relatives.
best puppy training tips

best puppy training tips
Tip # 5 - In the event you feel that you cannot train your puppy yourself then hire a dog trainer or sign up for dog training classes. In the event you hire a dog trainer do not think that you won't be involved in your puppy training. It is very important that you are the that is giving your puppy the commands and you are the the puppy will trust. Canines look to their owners for safety and protection. In return they are going to be polite and lovely socialized canines who will love their owner unconditionally.
Attending puppy training classes together with your puppy is a great way to learn techniques to train your puppy and also permit your puppy to learn how to socialize with other canines and people. Contact your local veterinarian for suggestions on dog training classes in your area or contact the local animal shelter.
A well trained and obedient dog will be an ideal fit in to you relatives and give your relatives years of affection, joy, and fun. All that hard work you did in puppy training early on will be payed off for sure.
best puppy training tips

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