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Adopting A Dog Puppy

Posted by marco

PEOPLE love their pets, but how often do they think about the costs? The query is akin to asking which infant they love more, this is what's important before you adopt a puppy, or a dog

Yet the reality is that pets cost far over lots of people expect. & right now, as the economy continues to stumble, those costs have become a burden to lots of people, like the cat lover who cannot afford medical care or the horse owner struggling with boarding fees.

The issue is that the general knowledge out there is not realistic. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates the cost for a giant dog at $875 a year for food, medical expenses, toys & a few related expenses, & $560 for first-year setup costs. The estimate for a cat is $670 a year, with first-year expenses of $365, for a total of $1,035.
adopting a dog puppy
So with the holiday gift-giving season under way, I write this column for parents who may be asked by babies for a dog or a horse. Keep in mind that the costs require to be factored in.

When I looked at these numbers, I thought they were taken from Voltaire's "Candide", derived from the best of all feasible worlds. This month alone, my spouse & I spent $600 on Labrador retriever with a bladder infection who needed some kidney tests & $300 on the other for an injured paw. This did not include the food for the of them & our Maine Coon cat, nor their every month flea & tick medicine or heartworm pills.
adopting a dog puppy
Some vets out there don't give nice advice, for surgical procedure like this, they don't get lots of clients who're willing to pay or can afford to pay such large amount of funds. They tried so hard to seize the chance to get your funds out of your pocket, although it's a common sense that for a cat, elderly like this, wouldn't be stronge to survice a large surgical procedure like that.
adopting a dog puppy
One of my friends who spent $5000 dollars (and 13% Tax) on a brain tumor removal surgical procedure that had recommended by his vet. I was one time trying to convinence my mate to put his cat down because that cat was way elderly for the surgical procedure. they was a 17+ years elderly cat. then the vet told my mate that there was a 50% chance that his cat would survive & live couple of more years.The result was the cat died the next day after the surgical procedure.
adopting a dog puppy
I switched to another vet simplely because my vet tried to sell me some expense deworm pills. After I confronted him, they told me that the pill I wanted doesn't work as nice as this. I'm not going to pay a triple cost for a pill that does very the same thing for my dog. then my new vet who's my friend's neighbor confirmed that those pills even have exact same ingrediants.
adopting a dog puppy
The only thing i said to my mate was, i respect you love for your cat, but if i were you i would put her down & donate this funds in her honor to save or to modify other animal's lives. for $5000 dollars you can defintely provide food, neat water or medical take care of lots of childrens & save their lives in africa.

Dog lovers, watch out for bad vets who are only after is your funds! be prepared before you really adopting a puppy or dog ^_^

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