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Most Popular Dog Names

Posted by marco

One of the fun parts of getting a pet is picking out a name. In the late 1990’s, Elmo was a very popular name, with kids taking a role in the naming and the Sesame Street character being at the peak of his popularity at the time. Buddy, an ever popular name became even more so with the release of “Air Bud,” a movie about a basketball-playing golden retriever. Disney princesses Jasmine and Arielle have also dubbed their fair share of dogs.
Other less common dog names have included ones given human names such as Jennifer or Mike.

While some people enjoy naming their pets something less common, there are several names that have been long-standing classics, and many that have maintained their popularity over the past ten years. According to, a website all about pet names that gathers data based upon the printing of identification tags for tens of thousands of pets, the top ten male dog names in the US of late include: Max, Jake, Buddy, Bear, Bailey, Shadow, Sam, Lucky, Rocky and Buster, while the top ten female dog names are: Maggie, Bear, Molly, Shadow, Lady, Sadie, Lucky, Lucy, Daisy and Brandy.

Paired dog names are also fun like Laverne and Shirley, Heckle and Jeckle, Romeo and Juliet and Peaches and Cream. Other popular pairs mentioned on include: Back and Forth, Beauty and Beast, Coco and Chanel, Duke and Duchess, Itsy and Bitsy, Lady and Tramp, Mumbo and Jumbo, Sugar and Spice and Zig and Zag.
Further, some pet owners i know chosen funny names for their pets, including a large bulldog named Tiny, very small dogs named Spike or Killer, a smooth dog named Fluffy and a solid black dog named Spot.
Whatever name you choose for your dog, it is likely to bring something to mind for you and everyone who meets your pet. Just one of the fun parts of having a pet, naming your dog is a great way to get creative and have that creativity last for many years to come!

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